Article provided by: Diane Bertolin, Mortgage Agent in Association With Unimor Capital Corp.

Mortgage Windsor

Mortgage Windsor

If you are ready to submit your application for a mortgage in Windsor, Diane Bertolin is an experienced mortgage broker with extensive professional relationships with some of Canada's best lenders. By choosing Diane Bertolin, you will have access to a slew or mortgage options, whereas banks and traditional financial institutions have a very limited number of mortgage products to offer.

Diane Bertolin can connect you with the best lender and the best product for your situation and get you the lowest possible interest rate. Diane Bertolin is known in Windsor for putting her clients first. That's what you can expect when you submit you apply for a mortgage in Windsor through her.

Make the Mortgage Application Process as Stressless as Possible

Whether you're looking for residential or commercial property, Diane Bertolin of UCC can help you turn your dream property into reality. Of course, procuring a mortgage can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, especially if you have less than perfect credit. Not only are you much more likely to get approved for your mortgage in Windsor with UCC brokers, but we'll take the time to guide you through the process as well.

With Diane Bertolin as your mortgage broker, you'll be able to find and manage a mortgage product that best suits your needs. Of course, not every client is the same. Depending on your application, you may qualify for a fixed rate or a variable rate loan. Having options means making a choice that you can live with for many years to come.

Why Choose a Mortgage Broker When Applying for a Mortgage in Windsor?

You can rely on Diane Bertolin's professional insights. A mortgage broker tends to be much more helpful than a banker. If you are interested in learning more, the first thing to do is to schedule an initial consultation. You will have no pressure to accept a loan. We just need to analyze your current financial situation, credit score, employment, etc.

What truly separates Diane Bertolin from other brokers is her commitment to putting her clients' needs first. Since she brings many years of experience to the table, you can trust that her approach is to be helpful, not to make a profit.

Whether the property you wish to acquire through a mortgage is commercial or residential, a first home or a second home, she can find and connect you to the right products for your family and situation.

Service You Can Rely On

UCC is a proud member of Mortgage Professionals of Canada, meaning that our brokers adhere to the highest level of quality service and ethics. Diane Bertolin has worked hard over the course of many years to earn the reputation as one of the most caring mortgage brokers in Windsor, so apply for your mortgage in Windsor through her.

Feel free to book your initial consultation online or over the phone. Diane Bertolin is here to help. That property you want can be yours, and she'll do all she can to make it so.

Mortgage Windsor

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