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Seattle Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Seattle is one of the most notorious in the country. There are too few homes for sale for too many people, and consequently, prices are almost always sky-high. Still, getting a good deal when buying a home in Seattle is not impossible. With an experienced realtor and mortgage broker on your side, you’ll have access to the best real estate for sale in Seattle and convenient mortgage options. Our experts at Seattle’s Mortgage Broker take pride in being excellent at what they do, and you stand to gain a lot from making them your go-to persons when you’re thinking about buying a home in the Seattle real estate market.

Why do you need a local realtor when buying a home in Seattle?

Many people wonder why anyone needs to go through a realtor when buying a home. At least, it’s much easier to search for ‘homes for sale in Seattle’ and click on the first answer that pops up. Unfortunately, the easier option is not always smarter. Many things can go wrong if you try to purchase a house on your own or go through a realtor that does not fully understand the local real estate market. Below are some of the things you stand to gain from working with a local realtor:

Prevents overpaying

It’s quite easy to overpay for a home if you’re not familiar with the local real estate market, and pricing a home is even more complicated in a city like Seattle. Real estate prices hardly ever stay at a point, and the high demand makes some sellers put exorbitant prices on their home listings. If you work with a local realtor, they’ll be able to accurately estimate the value of a home while taking the prevalent market conditions into account. This significantly reduces your risk of overpaying.

Better financing options

Local realtors also have a good knowledge of the available financing options. If you work with them, they can help you secure the best mortgage deals. The caveat here is that you should be careful when working with realtors that have an in-house lender. They are wont to refer you to their lender even if their package is more expensive than obtainable. To prevent that, we advise partnering with Seattle, WA, realtors that double as mortgage brokers such as the experts at Seattle’s Mortgage Brokers.

They’ll have your best interest at heart

Some homebuyers think going via the seller’s listing agent can help them get great deals. What they do not know that the seller’s agent will work in the best interest. Their job entails selling the home at the highest possible price. And since, they’ll be taking a percentage of the total value of the deal as commission, they’re even more motivated to sell at high prices. If you have your local realtor, you can rest easy knowing there’s someone who has your best interest at heart.

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